Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there size restrictions for what can go through the wash?
Yes. The clearance height is 89″. The maximum tire width is 11″ at the Oracle location; 12″ at the Speedway location.

Are the FREE Vacuums really FREE?
Yes.  Both of our locations offer FREE self-serve vacuums to our customers.  They are most often used by Express customers who only get the outside washed and want to take care of the interior themselves.

Do you offer Senior Discounts, Student Discounts, or Military Discounts?
Yup.  Yup.  And Yup.  With valid ID you are entitled to  10% Off full-priced services.

How long do your services take?
A good question without a good answer.  An Express Car Wash (exterior only) should take about 5 minutes.  A Full Service Car Wash or Signature Service should take about 15-20 minutes.  Details can take between 1 – 2 hours.  Time estimates are based on the time of service (when you get out of your car, not how long you may have to wait in line on a busy day).

Do I need an appointment for a Detail?
You don’t need one.  But you can certainly make one.  Detail Reservations can be made a day in advance online here.

What do you do to my car in a Detail Service?  Click  Detail Procedures to learn our procedures.

Does Metro Car Wash offer Rain Checks?
You bet we do.  We actually offer a Re-Wash Warranty (it doesn’t have to rain; come back for any reason).  All Full-Services Washes come with a 48 Hour Re-Wash Warranty; Details and our Signature Service come with a 7 Day Re-Wash Warranty.  We just ask that it be the same vehicle, that you have your original receipt, and that it be within the time frames noted above.

Do you recycle?
Yes.  Look for the Recycle Bins near the vacuums at both locations.