Metro's Fleet Program

Local Business Helping Local Business. Monthly Invoicing. Hassle Free. Volume Discounts.

Metro’s Fleet Program

Monthly Billing.  Volume Discounts.  Hassle Free.

Why You Need It

Having clean vehicles on the road says a lot about your business.  Not only this, but consistent, scheduled washing is an important part of vehicle maintenance, prolonging the life of your vehicle and increasing resale values.

How The Program Works

Metro’s Fleet Program is simple.  We maintain a log for your Company.  You provide us with approved “washing” employees.  Employees wash your Company vehicles and sign the log (along with a record of the service purchased and the corresponding license plate).  At the end of the month, you are invoiced for the washes purchased.  The invoice includes a photocopied record of the Signature Log.

What is Costs

Pricing is simple.  The more you wash in a month, the larger the discount.

Call 800-844-0130 or Email us at to learn more about setting up an account.  Or complete the online Application below.