Metro Car Wash began in 2002 at our location on Oracle. Craig and Sean, the owners, left behind a national car wash company to start their own endeavor. They had an idea about what a car wash should be like: something different, something with a personal touch.

Since that time, Metro has been a fast-growing business. We believe our success is a direct result of our commitment to quality and our fast and friendly service.  The owners do their best to ensure this by a simple, effective trick: they work side by side with their employees, they lead by example, and they get to know their customers on a personal basis.

In 2006, the Company opened its second location on Speedway, just west of Craycroft. Craig and Sean built this facility, from the ground up, to be the most technically advanced car wash in Arizona. The wash equipment is the best in the industry. The track is outdoors; nothing is hidden. Customers can watch the cleaning process up close. There is no other experience like it in Tucson. And the grateful comments from our customers have been overwhelming.

That’s Metro Car Wash. We ensure top quality and service by making efforts other car washes (and most businesses in general) don’t. So stop by. Wash your car. Meet our managers.  Meet the owners.

We’d love to meet you.

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