We really do have a great management team.

Our Management Team consists of dedicated individuals who believe in our Company and embrace the concept that Quality and Customer Service are the cornerstones of our business.  These employees are up early and work late to ensure you have a great experience.  They value your business and your feedback.

Juan and Mario

Metro Car Wash – Managers

Juan Arellano – Oracle location (left) and

Mario Ruiz – Speedway location (right)

Juan and Mario: Metro’s best.

Juan is one of our favorite success stories.  He started with us almost eight years ago, vacuuming cars.  Over time, we found a hard-working, dedicated employee who really understood the importance of customer service.

We always told Juan he’d one day be a manager.  Now he’s proved us right.  And he’s doing a fantastic job of making our Oracle location one awesome car wash to visit.

As for Mario, he’s the newest manager in the Metro Family.  He’s been with us for years, quietly working hard and waiting to get noticed.  We finally paid attention and couldn’t be happier with the job he’s doing running Speedway.

Feel free to find these managers and speak with them.  Let them know what we can do better, what you thought of the service, or just pat them on the back for a great job (remember, Metro Employees have feelings too).

And of course, all of our managers and employees stand behind the Metro Promise:

We are a local company, striving to provide the best quality and customer service in Tucson, aiming to make each customer a little happier after they visit us.  We happen to be in the car wash business.

Our goals are to (1) provide a fun, but structured work environment for our staff so that pride can be taken in working for Metro while delivering a quality clean car to our customers, (2) ensure that each customer is not only happy with their cleaned vehicle, but also enjoyed being at our place of business, and (3) accomplish the above for a value price.

To this end, we offer the best prices (and specials) in Tucson.  We offer simple, straightforward menu options.  We offer rewash warranties with no limitations and no extra cost.  We insist that you are satisfied with your purchase, and will re-wash your vehicle immediately if you are not.  

And if, for any reason, you believe we are not meeting our promise, you may contact the owner of Metro Car Wash directly at sean@metrocarwash.com, or by phone at 1-800-844-0130 x4.

Metro Car Wash … because there is a difference.