The Essential Car-Cleaning Guide

Think of it as a wise investment: Keeping your auto filth-free can boost its resale value and eradicate those nasty end-of-lease excess-wear-and-tear charges. And if you focus on the task at hand, it shouldn’t take more than an hour every

Proper Car Washing & Car Drying Techniques

Proper Washing & Drying Technique Are you washing your car, or just damaging the paint? Most of the swirl marks that disfigure your vehicle are likely caused by poor washing technique. Thorough weekly washes and careful hand-drying can be the

13 Weird Tricks to Clean Your Car

We found simple, cheap, unexpected tips on how to wash your car to keep it cleaner for longer. Hair conditioner for shine ISTOCK/THINKSTOCK Wash your car with a hair conditioner containing lanolin. You’ll become a believer when you see the

7 Essential Car Wash Supplies

It is essential to have the proper car wash supplies available when washing and waxing a car; using the wrong products can damage the paint finish. A hand car wash is generally gentler on the paint than an automated car